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KLIC Journals
Convenient one-stop listing of web links to journals publishing articles focsed on knowledge, learning and/or intellectual capital. Add a link to your journal - register your Username and Login (select "register" on the KLICNET home page under "Login Form" on the left of the page), or contact us and send us your active link!
  Web Link
  Link   The journal of academic librarianship
  Link   Technovation
  Link   The electronic library
  Link   Technology analysis and strategic management
  Link   Strategy and Leadership
  Link   Strategic management journal
  Link   Sloan management review
  Link   Science
  Link   Research policy
  Link   Review of economics and statistics
  Link   Review of economic studies
  Link   Organizational studies
  Link   Organizational science
  Link   Organizational behavior and human decision processes
  Link   MIS quarterly
  Link   Management science
  Link   Long range planning
  Link   Leadership and organization development journal
  Link   Knowledge-based systems
  Link   Knowledge and process management
  Link   Journal of world business
  Link   Journal of management studies
  Link   Journal of management information systems
  Link   Journal of knowledge management
  Link   Journal of information science
  Link   Journal of engineering and technology management
  Link   Journal of economic theory
  Link   Journal of applied psychology
  Link   International journal of project management
  Link   International journal of production economics
  Link   International journal of learning and intellectual capital
  Link   International journal of knowledge management
  Link   International journal of information management
  Link   Information systems management
  Link   Information sciences
  Link   Information and management
  Link   Harvard business review
  Link   Expert systems with applications
  Link   Evaluation and program planning
  Link   Econometrica
  Link   Decision support systems
  Link   Computers and industrial engineering
  Link   California management review
  Link   American economic review
  Link   Administrative Science Quarterly
  Link   Accounting, organizations and society
  Link   Academy of management review
  Link   Academy of management perspectives
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